Plastic artist
Cuando te sientes solo, el miedo te invade y no sabes que hacer. Solo te queda aferrarte a ti, a esa fuerza interior que tienes y seguir luchando para superar los obstáculos de la vida .

Inner force

«My work, 'Inner Strength', is a project that led me to explore my own feelings and personal experiences through art. In this painting, I depict a bare-chested man wearing a tribal tattoo on his shoulder, which is a reflection of my own connection to culture and tradition.


The figure of the man, cowering and clutching his arm tightly, represents the internal struggle that we all face at some point in our lives. I wanted to capture that feeling of conflict and determination that arises when we face personal challenges. The tattoo, with its geometric lines and intricate patterns, symbolizes the way we seek self-expression and identity through body art.


Keeping the man shirtless in the painting was a conscious decision to highlight his vulnerability and the exposure of his body, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the work. The title 'Inner Strength' reflects my belief in the human ability to overcome obstacles and find that inner strength in difficult times.


Ultimately, this work is a representation of my own personal journey and my exploration of the human condition. "I hope that those who contemplate 'Inner Strength' find in it a connection with their own experiences and reflect on the resilience that we all carry within."